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Values on the Wheel of Life

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Discover your values as being the key to conscious choices in career and in life

Values are an essential element of every aspect of your life. The wheel of life is a tool which represents those aspects visually: social relationships, intimate relationships, financial situation, health and well-being, career and achievements, physical environment, personal development and lastly fun and relaxation. Only when you are aware of your values within one aspect, can you make conscious choices in that particular aspect. Until then, it will be a blind spot, and you will be unable to get a grip on frustrations or blockages in that area. The interaction between your values defines your thoughts, convictions and ideas. And they, in turn, define your vision of reality.

Are you prepared to discover your values, to discuss your values with others and to ascertain and accept the values of others without judging? If so, then you are ready to take these voyages of discovery!

Enjoy the journey!

Marleen Boen, Katrin Van Bladel & Annelies Quaegebeur

Marleen Boen
Marleen is an entrepreneur who encourages and dares to experiment. She manages to achieve a higher level of executive coaching through keen observations and discussions; converting complex situations into relevant, simple decisions is her speciality.
Publications: ‘I want a coach’ and ‘Coaching, a story of vision and strategy.’

Katrin Van Bladel
Katrin is a firm believer in co-creative partnership and the potential of her coachees. She asks penetrating questions that, at the same time, broaden your perspective. Katrin combines seriousness and humour, knowledge and intuition, power and softness, and rationality and emotion.

Marleen Boen, Katrin Van Bladel & Annelies Quaegebeur

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