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Boss Paints and “NLP in business”, a story of leadership and communication.

The question: how to develop employees’ talents via open feedback.

Het result?

Project at a glance:

  • The question: how to develop employees’ talents via open feedback.
  • The route: internal training “NLP in business” supplemented with individual coaching
  • The result: employees feel good about themselves and contribute to the organisation's success.

The story:

BOSS Paints is a paint manufacturer and an important trend setter in terms of paint, colours and perception, and socially.

This family business has around 280 employees. The company feels strongly about people and the environment and is ranked among the 10-best employers in Belgium. CEO Toon Bossuyt and the entire management team firmly believe in the power of authentic leadership and want to break the taboo of imperfection at an organisation level. Reflection, group dynamic and a willingness to learn play an important role here. BOSS Paints does not want its employees to hide behind fancy job titles. They prefer open feedback so that all the organisation's talents can shine.

Based on this philosophy, Heidi Van Herweghe, HR Director, took part in “NLP in Business” training in 2010 to 2011. It had such a huge impact on her that she decided to organise a shortened training programme for her organisation. This effort enabled other employees to create positive change, and helped to build a more efficient organisation and a positive work environment. The pilot project was successfully completed, by Magaly De Smet, and with Heidi Van Herweghe acting as co-facilitator.

During the training days, the following topics were discussed:

  • Developing the 'learner's' mindset. How to deal with your own obstacles through a vulnerable and mild approach;
  • Being aware of your own perception and applying different perceptions;
  • Speaking another person's language to create stronger ties and build confidence;
  • Creating more understanding by grabbing the essence and asking essential questions;
  • Being able to initiate a goal-oriented change and dealing with resistance.

Two individual coaching moments were added to the programme. During these moments, the participants focused on the obstacles that were preventing them from gaining certain competencies, and experimenting with new behaviour.

These coaching moments contributed to lasting behavioural changes. The project led to more self-determination, clearer communication, a greater impact, more self-confidence, more commitment and closer and more effective cooperation.

In 2014, a new group of employees were given the opportunity to go on this voyage of discovery. They managed to achieve more personal growth via a balanced mix of training and coaching, and contribute towards the success of BOSS Paints. We firmly believe in “Igniting business excellence through personal growth”.

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